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of Nigerian fruits


of Nigerian fruits


of Nigerian fruits


Niyya Farm Group Limited is an agro-processing business, the makers of Farm Pride Natural Juice and Yogurt. We are located In Kaduna, Nigeria, and have been in operation since 2002

Large Scale Cultivation

Land cultivation using modern agricultural methods

Fruits Processing

We process the fruits harvested on our farms to make Farm Pride Juice

Yogurt Production

We process the finest milk to produce quality, 100% natural yogurts for consumption


Niyya Food & Drinks Company Limited is a subsidiary of Niyya Farm Group Limited and the manufacturer of Farm Pride Yoghurt and Farm Pride Juices. Farm Pride Juice is grown from quality 100% Nigerian fruits harvested from Niyya-Farm Group’s extensive farm.
Niyya Farms owns 3,000+ hectares of land, with a twin state of the art processing plant for production of the Fresh Fruit Juices and Yoghurt.
Our products are made from raw fruits and not concentrates, as a result we have been able to differentiate ourselves from other competitors in the market who use imported concentrates for juice production, this makes our products prime target for everybody, especially health conscious consumers.
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“To enhance the quality of life of Nigerians by providing them with the best drinks and farm produce at affordable prices”


“To blend the best of modern technology with local agricultural knowledge to produce high quality products, while managing our integrated farm and
production facilities to the highest health, safety and environmental standards”

Core Values

1. Customer is number 1
We refresh and delight our customers at all times. We at Farm Pride treat customers as kings and Queens. Attract, Sell and Service.
We strive to be the preferred partner to our stakeholders with compelling level of ethics and business practice .

2. Attitude
We build an organization of can do people inspired, disciplined and passionate about customers in everything we do. Our behavior, beliefs, systems and actions shapes our business. We embrace innovation and a winning mind set. We recognise and reward achievements.

3 Integrity.
We live and work in truth, fairness and honesty. We take responsibility and accountability for our actions at Niyya Farm Group. We keep our promise and can be trusted. We strive to do the right thing at all times.

4. Cost Leadership
We commit to total cost management using technology to drive affordability and reduce business risk. Emphasis are on localization of supply chain, quality, controls and visibility across business units to remain competitive in the market place.

5. Value Our People
We treat each other with respect and play to win as one team. We are committed to talent acquisition, development and retention. At Niyya Farms conservation and preservation of our environment is of vital importance to our generation and future. We are committed to safety of our people and building leadership pipeline from within.

What has been said

Crop Farmer Of The Year 2015

Nigerian Agricultural Awards

Niyya Foods & Drinks is redefining Nigeria’s beverage industry .

Business Day

Niyya Farms…has advanced in the production of farm-fresh fruit juices and yoghurts.

The Guardian

…the firm is committed to satisfying the expectations of stakeholders by delivering products of consistent quality in compliance with the appropriate local and international standards.

Business Day

Our Brands

Natural Juice
Natural Yoghurt

We are committed to producing healthy beverages, using resources from within Nigeria


We’re always interested in hearing from our customers and potential investors.

If you want to contact us please call +234 701 818 5009 or send us an e-mail.