Our Core Values


Our culture is solidly reinforced by our following core values with the acronym “VACIC”:

V = Value our people:
We are committed to talent acquisition, training, development, and retention recognizing and rewarding achievements. We see our employees as our greatest assets in our actions and deeds. We treat each other as family members with a high degree of respect and play to win as a team. We are committed to the conservation and preservation of our environment, the safety of our people, and the building of a leadership pipeline from within through a highly pragmatic succession planning system.
A = Attitude:
We constantly maintain an enviable organization made up of people with a character that is defined by “Can-Do” spirit and a culture underlined with inspiration, respect, discipline, and passion in everything we do in relation to one another, our customers, and stakeholders with the recognition that our behaviors, beliefs, systems, and actions shape our business. We are innovative with a winning mindset.
C = Customer is king:
We always refresh and delight our customers treating them as kings and queens that we sincerely believe they truly are. We attract, sell and service consistently striving to be the preferred partner to our stakeholders with compelling level of ethics and best business practice.
I = Integrity:
We live and work in truth, honesty, and fairness taking responsibility and accountability for our actions. We endeavor to constantly do the right thing keeping our promise and earning the trust of our customers and stakeholders.
C = Cost Leadership:
We are committed to total cost management ensuring that we do things right the first time, optimizing available resources, spending as little but as necessary, using technology to drive affordability, and reduce wastes, business risks, and financial losses. We place a high premium on local sourcing of our requirements, efficient quality assurance systems, and visibility across the business areas we operate to always remain competitive in the marketplace.

Our Core Competencies and Strengths

* We are a very vibrant fast-paced company that has built an enviable reputation in the juice and yoghurt manufacturing business with prompt response to customers’ needs.
* We have strong competence to consistently develop, produce, and deliver unique natural organic food products that enhance healthy living and meet the highest food safety and quality standards by ensuring compliance with applicable regulatory and food safety.
* Niyya Food & Drinks Company Limited is an innovative food and drinks company proficiently managed by a team of highly skilled professionals drawn from multinational and multicultural companies.
* Niyya Food & Drinks Company Limited is competently managed by a team of highly skilled and determined professionals that relentlessly work with customers and all stakeholders to develop and supply exceedingly innovative and top-quality natural food products that are not produced from concentrates.
* We maintain an outstanding positive organizational culture that constantly positions us ahead of our competitors.
* Niyya Food & Drinks Company Limited upholds unwavering commitment and expertise that ensures the continuous integrity of our processes, products, and services.
* We continuously look for new ways to improve our professionalism through regular training, research, and development.