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It all started with Niyya-Farm Group Limited (NFGL), a Nigeria corporation registered in 2002 with offices located at 60 Kaduna Abuja Expressway, Kaduna, Nigeria. NFGL is an agro-industrial enterprise that owns a processing facility, dairy farm, orchards and agricultural lands. Niyya Food & Drinks Company Limited (NFDCL) is a subsidiary of NFGL and the manufacturer of Farm Pride Natural Juices and Farm Pride Yoghurt.

In 2014, Verod Capital invested in NFGL. Farm Pride is currently re-branding the Natural Juice and Yoghurt line to strategically position premium drink products within mainstream Nigeria, as Natural Juice and Yoghurt lifestyle products.


NFGL owns one of the largest fruit farms in Kaduna, occupying approximately 3,000+ hectares.

Our farms were traditionally dairy and fruit farms until 2010 when the conversion to Juice and Yoghurt began. By 2011 the farms were entirely converted to Juice and Yoghurt agro-processing. The fruit varieties grown consist mainly of Orange, Mango, Passion, Guava, and Pineapple, with the capacity to grow Grapes and Avocado

NFGL has erected a state of the art Greenhouse to produce exotic organic vegetable crops for both local and export markets. NFGL has deployed environment friendly practices to ensure sustainability and soil conservation and succession planning. We’ve installed a modern drip irrigation system that ensures precise water application to crops and minimum water use; an earth dam on the farm is our main storage for our water requirements.

NFGL is providing tillage services to the local farm community at subsidized rates to ensure participation/engagement in conservation activities such as gulley plugging and environmental awareness and management programs.

Production Facilities

The production facility has two parts: Juice plant & Yoghurt plant.

Juice Plant

Our Juice plant consists of a fresh fruit-packing house, a puree plant and a juice blending and bottling plant as well as a refrigerated distribution system.

Fresh Fruit Packing House

The fresh fruit packing house prepares fresh fruits for juicing and puree. In this facility, fresh fruits are inspected, sorted, weighed, washed and prepared for pulp extraction.

Puree Plant

In our Puree Plant we process a wide cross-section of Nigerian fruits, while in season. These include Mango, Orange, Guava, Pineapple and Passion Fruit. In this facility, the fresh fruit juice is extracted. The process of extracting the juice varies according to the type of fruit. Once the juice has been extracted it is either standardized and used immediately in our blending facility, or stored under controlled conditions in our cold rooms.

Blending and Bottling

In our blending facility the puree extracted from the fresh raw fruits are blended in specific amounts in accordance with our recipes to make each juice flavor. All ingredients and puree are first approved by our Quality Control Team (QCT) before being used. The Juice is than passed through a homogenizer & pasteurizer before it is sent to the filling plant for packaging

Our Juices are then packaged in PET bottles using high-speed fillers. Our product sizes range from 500ml and 1Litre. For traceability and to inform our consumers, all bottle caps contain a manufacturing date, batch code and expiry date. After filling, the product is nicely shrink wrapped to form a carton and conveyed to the staging area, where it is palletized and then transported to the storage facility for stocking and distribution.

Yogurt Plant

Processing Plant

We have a fully automatic yoghurt processing plant which can process 5 million liters of yoghurt annually. The yoghurt is manufactured with fresh milk/ milk powder and the best quality ingredients like cultures and stabilizers are used. The milk is pasteurized and stored in the holding tanks where culture is added to the milk and left for about 8 hours to inoculate under controlled conditions.

Filling Plant

The yoghurt in the inoculation tanks is passed through the chiller to reduce the temperature before it is sent to the filling plant. We have a state of the art fully automatic filling plant which has a capacity to pack about 10 million liters of yoghurt per annum. The yoghurt is packed in 500 ml & 1L PET bottles and shrink wrapped and sent to the cold rooms for dispatch to the market.

Refrigerated Distribution System

Our Yoghurt products are required to be kept chilled throughout their life-cycle. To ensure product integrity, NFGL has invested in a “state of the art” chilled distribution system. This begins with our 2,000 square foot cold room at our farm and we distribute to 7 depots in Kaduna, Kano, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Ibadan and Lagos with our fleet of over 30 refrigerated trucks for secondary distribution. Every depot has a dry and cold storage to keep the quality of the product intact.

Quality Systems


Niyya Farms Group Limited (NFGL) is committed to satisfying the expectations of its stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders) by delivering products of consistent quality in compliance with the appropriate local and international standards.

Consistency in providing safe, quality products to our customers remains Niyya-Farms hallmark.

Our commitment to our valued customers and quality assurance are guided by our Quality Policy which outlines our commitment to

  • Continuous improvement and development
  • Customer focus
  • Quality management
  • Food Safety

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are utilized internally to ensure quality and food safety, by covering all areas of the manufacturing process from handling of incoming raw material through to the distribution of finished products.

These systems allow us to achieve planned objectives by enhancing the company’s competitiveness, growth and sustainability. Through continuous improvement of our processes we are able to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and guarantee food safety.

To ensure quality and food safety standards, NFGL has product certifications from Nigeria Industrial Standards (NIS) and Standards of Nigeria (SON); and NFGL has National Agency for Food and Drugs (NAFDAC) registration number B1 – 1021.

We are committed to producing healthy beverages, using resources from within Nigeria